Ventilation Risk Assessment

Why carry out a Ventilation Risk Assessment?

In today’s world of conscious wellbeing in the workplace, it is imperative to maintain a good quality standard of IAQ.  Breathing in air that is contaminated can cause serious risks to health and wellbeing.

It is beneficial to not only for the owners of a building but the occupants too, to ensure that the standard of cleanliness of the ventilation systems are maintained to a reasonable and acceptable standard.  Providing adequate monitoring will enable a systematic and methodical approach to maintaining the correct levels of cleanliness in a ventilation system.

Our Bespoke Approach

Using technology and a bespoke software programme, we carry out a Ventilation Risk Assessment with ease.

A “live” data collection software allows us to record, photograph, sample and collate all aspects of your systems.

A fully documented asset list is produced, with guidance on how frequently each system should be cleaned.  This give you the present state of your systems and how to next to manage a cleaning schedule and any remedial works.

We would advise you on your legal requirements and present a full documented budgetary analysis of the costs involved in remedying dirty or defective ductwork.

By carrying out a full Ventilation Risk Assessment you will be able to act to ensure that you are within the legal requirements of the cleanliness of ventilation systems. 

In addition, not only you will prevent problems caused by dirty air conditioning/ventilation system and improve energy efficiency but ensure that the air that everyone in the building breaths is clean.


At the end of the Ventilation Risk Assessment, Overclean produce for you a full report containing all assets, sampling results, photographic evidence, advisory notes, our recommendation for future disinfection regime.