Why Disinfect Ductwork?

Disinfection alone will not give you compliance with to the regulations EN 15780, EC852, LPS2084 or guidance under TR19 and the system must be cleaned first.

At Overclean we believe that the only way to achieve a quality clean is to utilise a combination of all present methods, air blast, rotary brush, vacuum, scrape, etc. As in many cases the use of only one of these is insufficient to comply with the current regulations.

In today’s world of conscious wellbeing in the workplace, it is imperative to maintain a good quality standard of IAQ.  Breathing in air that is contaminated can cause serious risks to health and wellbeing.

Disinfecting a system will reduce the growth of moulds and fugus.


Once the system is cleaned to an acceptable standard, clarified by taking samples, disinfection is applied by the means of a fine biocide mist or it is fogged into the supply system immediately after the clean.

The formulation of this biocide has been reviewed and changed recently to prevent acquired immunity building up within the system. Our biocide is approved for use inside ventilation systems and is a virucide and sporicidal but with no odour or chlorine agents.  It is safe for occupants to re-enter a room after two hours of disinfection. The disinfection process is carried out in accordance with our specific Method Statement DIS1.

Disinfection of a system can be six monthly to ensure that moulds and fungus are kept under control.  Under this type of regime it would not be necessary to carry out a full clean on every visit.

By inspecting and acting to the relevant British Standards you will prevent problems caused by the air conditioning/ventilation system.


At the end of each project Overclean produce for you with a full report containing sampling results, photographic evidence, advisory notes, our recommendation for future disinfection regime.